HighKey Agency is a social media agency and PR agency created by brothers Jordan and Luke Lintz to help influencers, coaches and celebrities grow and maintain their personal brand and image. However, HighKey Agency was not the first business started by the young brothers. In fact, their first business was HighKey Tech, which is an eCommerce brand they still run to this day.

How HighKey Agency Started

Shortly after starting HighKey Tech in 2016, brothers Luke and Jordan discovered the ins and outs of running an online brand, growing a following, and creating engaging content on social media. This skill set translated into many different people asking them for help with their own brands. The first people brought onto the HighKey Agency team were Stefan Aarnio and Trent Huss.

Stefan also served as the agency’s first personal branding client, as he entrusted the brothers to grow his real estate coaching and book publishing business through creating a strong social media presence.  This partnership was crucial to the development of the HighKey social media agency as Stefan not only served as a client but also an ambassador of sorts to the agency.

He introduced Luke and Jordan to other influential individuals looking for a social media agency to entrust with their online content and image. Stefan was extremely impressed with the performance of his social media channels after entrusting them to HighKey Agency and was happy to vouch for the team and their performance.

Growth of The Agency

What began as a social media marketing agency has slowly transitioned into becoming a social media, PR, and SEO agency. HighKey has worked with dozens of clients with everything from Podcasts, Linkedin, Tik Tok, and Instagram growth as well as getting their clients published in major media outlets such as Forbes Council and Yahoo Finance.

Now that they’re moving into the SEO space, HighKey hopes to service their clients in all facets of digital media, becoming the all in one, go-to agency for all things digital marketing.  With a growing Rolodex full of celebrities, influencers, coaches, and business magnates, Luke and Jordan Lintz foresee massive growth for the company in the coming months and years and they have some advice for young entrepreneurs looking to get started in business themselves.

Advice To New Entrepreneurs

Luke and Jordan seriously believe in the power of using personal results to speak for the ability to help clients. As mentioned earlier in this article, Luke and Jordan did not start by helping other clients, they simply started by helping themselves.

Their first brand HighKey Tech was the leverage they needed to impress Stefan Aarnio, and if they hadn’t proven their ability to help themselves, they never would have had the opportunity to help others. The brothers say that growing a personal brand before reaching out to anyone else can be helpful. They say that the hardest part of growing a client business is getting the first client, so by growing a personal brand, it’s easier to prove that you are able to generate results.

Once you do get your first client though, the brothers emphasize the importance of delivering high-quality work. After all, a big part of the growth for the HighKey Agency was the testimonials of satisfied clients. You can still see the shining testimonials from people like Stefan Aarnio, Clayton Morris, and Ricky Carruth.

Those testimonials are worth their weight in gold to Luke, Jordan, and Trent. The testimonials were important to the growth of the agency, but they are also an indication of the power of growing a large online brand.

The Importance of An Online Brand

We are ever increasingly entering into a digital world. The Covid-19 virus has sped up the transition even faster, as more people are moving online out of necessity rather than sheer convenience. Either way, we know that times are changing, and the internet is only going to be more important as time goes on.

Luke says that many of the people they love working with are people that have a ton of success in the real world that isn’t matched by their online presence. He says that it’s a simple fix, and the way to match one’s real-world success with their online presence is simply a consequence of putting the word out and letting people know who you are.

HighKey Agency has become masters of taking content from one platform – whether that be a podcast, a presentation recording, or a public speaking event and splicing it up into multiple pieces of online content that can be used on social media platforms. 

The growth they have created for other influencers, celebrities, and coaches speak for itself. For more on what we offer, head here.