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How One Company Is Dominating Giveaways To Win At Instagram Marketing: A Case Study

Social media marketing today is vastly different from what it was just a few years ago.

Organic growth used to be something influencers and brands could count on, as long as they were putting out high-quality, consistent content and engaging with followers. Today, a brand can easily be doing both those things, and doing them well, without seeing any significant results.

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Frequently Asked Questions

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How does Sponsoring a HighKey Clout Giveaway Work?

HighKey Clout manages celebrity influencer Giveaways. Celebrity Influencer giveaways follow three simple steps:

  1. One, or several, HighKey Clout Celebrity Influencers promote the Giveaway with multiple posts on their Instagram feed, Instagram Live, and Instagram Story.
  2. Influencer asks their followers to go to @highkeyclout on Instagram and follow all accounts we follow to enter into the Giveaway.
  3. By sponsoring the Giveaway YOU will be one of the accounts that @highkeyclout follows on Instagram during the Giveaway.

What Type of People Enter HighKey Clout Giveaways?

Entrants vary depending on the Influencer promoting the particular Giveaway. HighKey Clout focuses on North American Giveaways, where Entrants must be residents of the United States and 18+ years of age (or above the age of majority in their state). This ensures the most relevant and niche-accurate entrants to suit your brand.

How Long are HighKey Clout Giveaways?

HighKey Clout Giveaways typically run for 5 days. Giveaway winners are announced on the @highkeyclout Instagram story one day after Giveaway concludes.

What is HighKey Clout?

HighKey Clout is a Social Media Growth Company. 

The word ‘HighKey’ is the opposite of ‘Low Key’. To be ‘Low Key’ is to be unknown, discreet, unheard of. To be HighKey is to be known. All of our companies are about bringing mass awareness to a brand, movement, or person.

‘Clout’ was originally coined in the 1900’s and means to have influence or power, especially in politics or business.

HighKey Clout is code for being known and respected in your niche.

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2021 Giveaway Growth Results…

More of the Amazing Clients We’ve Worked With

HighKey Clout Press

Instagram’s Feed Tweaks Give You Back Some Control, but Experts Want More

Instagram is giving people more tools to control what shows up in their feeds amid backlash surrounding the content they see.

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Mirror: Comedian Kevin Hart and rapper Rick Ross are giving away a whopping $20k USD to lucky fans on social media

Actor and comedian Hart and rapper are Ross have partnered with HighKey Clout for the mega cash giveaway.

The duo announced the competition to their army of social media fans on their Instagram accounts @kevinhart4real and @richforever.

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Disrupt: How HighKey Clout Has Completely Revolutionized Growing On Social Through Influencer Growth Management

We’ve worked with some big names in the social media space such as @danbilzerean, @loganpaul, @hammy_tv, @kristenhanby and many more!

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LA Progressive: HighKey Clout and Hip-Hop Icon Rick Ross Give Away a Tesla

Celebrity management company HighKey Clout is back at it again with another Instagram celebrity giveaway. This time around, Highkey reignited its partnership with American rapper and entrepreneur Rick Ross and gave away a Tesla to one lucky follower.

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CBS News: HighKey Clout is Redefining ‘Clout’ as a New Currency

To break down the entire process, HighKey Clout runs celebrity influencer giveaway campaigns on Instagram to grow their client’s social media following. It’s a very simple operation and that’s why it works so effectively.

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Instagram has been continuously growing and now has more than one billion users making it a popular platform for business owners and influencers. Thanks to Instagram giveaways, many brands are now able to boost their engagement and increase.

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Jordan Lintz Hopes to Inspire Young Entrepreneurs Through Eight-Figure Empire, HighKey Enterprises LLC

In America, 1 in 5 adults have unpaid student loans. Collectively, they owe the federal government about $1.6 trillion in college debt.

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Yahoo Finance: Clout is the New Currency; HighKey Clout is Running Large Celebrity Campaigns

(@highkeyclout on Instagram) is an influencer marketing company that specializes in celebrity giveaway growth campaigns, with the primary objective of growing their ever-expanding list of clients social media followings on Instagram.

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Morning Star: Clout is the New Currency; HighKey Clout is Running Large Celebrity Campaigns

HighKey Clout Inc. reached becoming a 7 figure company, just within 6 months of its creation. Jordan Lintz and his younger brother Luke Lintz started their online business careers over three years ago and have built a variety of connections with big influencers and high-achieving clients to make this company a fast success.

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Fox News: HighKey Clout is Redefining ‘Clout’ as a New Currency

Jordan and Luke have created three companies under the “HighKey” name. Their first being an e-commerce company, HighKey Technology Inc. (@highkeyco on Instagram), and their second company to follow is named HighKey Agency Inc. (@highkeyagency on Instagram), a full-service social media branding agency.

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NBC News: HighKey Clout is Redefining ‘Clout’ as a New Currency

To date, HighKey Clout has given away $10k – $20k in cash and prizes during each campaign. This amount of money is a very large incentive for the celebrity’s fans to participate. This large amount being given away fortifies the reputation of the HighKey Clout brand. All prizes are documented and recorded for proof of a legitimate campaign.

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Cardi B and Offset Partner up with HighKey Clout for Massive Giveaways

HighKey Clout is a popular name in the entertainment and music industries helping various brands market their products/ services and grow their reach through social media contests. In the last 24 months,

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