Just over a year ago, we launched HighKey Agency. Our first Instagram post was a video. In the two-minute clip, HighKey CEO Luke Lintz, talks about what 20-year-olds should be investing in. It has more than 20,000 views – an impressive feat for a first-post, two-minute video. So why did we make our first post a video when Instagram is known as an image sharing platform?

The short answer is that times have changed. Instagram has adapted and improved new technologies and high-quality videos are the results of this focus. The longer answer is that Instagram video marketing is one of the best ways to operate your eCommerce store. In this piece, we look at why you should use video marketing on Instagram, the different kinds of videos you can make, and nifty little add-ons and tips to boost your video’s reach.

Why should you use Instagram Video Marketing?

The direct reach you have with your followers, instant upload ability, and access to your cellphone, give these videos a more personal feel. In the social world, a personal feel amplifies your brand identity. Aside from giving advice to people and answering a question we were getting asked often, the main goal of HighKey’s first Instagram post was to establish a relationship with our followers.

The studies show that videos on Instagram drive some of the biggest engagement. It also increases purchases. Year on year, purchases have increased on Instagram due to videos. A study by Quinty, a social media analytics tool, showed that videos received up to 21% more engagement than photos on Instagram. Photos and videos battle equally for likes, but videos surpass photos when it comes to the comment section.

NewsWhip Analytics looked at some of the most-liked videos by National Geographic and Tasty and discovered that the videos that do well are full of people – there are close-ups of their faces, which clearly show expression and emotion. Since photos are still so popular, the likelihood of your competition using videos is slim. This is the perfect time to get on it. Tell your story in a video form so that anyone who finds your page can immediately understand your brand and identity.

The Five Ways To Post Videos on Instagram:

1. Your Feed

It’s strange to think that insta-stories only launched about four years ago, and it was on the back of Snapchat’s popular feature. Stories seem like a staple on Instagram, but long before it existed, you could only post to your feed. Your feed is one of the first things people see when they visit your account, so the videos housed there have to tick all the important boxes, like:

    • Make it engaging and personal – tell your brand’s story. This doesn’t have to be professionally shot and written by a copywriter. It can just be you and your phone (Especially since the average phone nowadays is as good as an expensive DSLR). Pretend as if you’re having a conversation with someone and chat about a topic that is relevant and important to your brand.
    • Keep it short. Videos posted on your Instagram feed can’t be longer than 60-seconds (unless you post an IGTV video which is talked about below), but you can add multiple videos using the carousel. However, a study found that videos less than 30-seconds – 26-seconds to be precise – perform better. If you can get your message across in less than a minute, then keep it there.
    • Use subtitles. This bit of advice applies to all videos. Around 50% of people prefer watching videos with the sound off. It’s worth hiring someone to work on subtitles or at least call out captions to make the video more engaging.
    • Talk to people in the comment section. Instagram’s algorithm loves it when you talk to people who are commenting or asking questions on your feed posts. The more you engage, the more your followers respond. It’s one of the best features of in-feed posting.

At HighKey, we employ about 13 video editors who not only create high-quality, engaging video content but also ensure that the videos tick the boxes mentioned above. Once it’s posted, our social media marketing managers monitor the feedback and work with our clients to answer questions and engage with the audience in the comment section. You can check out the exact Instagram services that we offer here.

2. Your Stories

Insta-stories are the ideal way to post highlights of the last 24 hours. It’s also the perfect way to market new products and give additional information about these products – like how and why it was made, and how it can be purchased. Kylie Jenner’s main advertising medium is via her insta-stories. Videos and posts are short on stories, so it gives the impression of a “quick check”, when in fact, if used wisely, a good deal of important information can be conveyed via insta-stories.

If you have over 10K followers you are able to utilize the Instagram story “swipe up” feature and direct people over to another social media channel, a product, or really any website with a link. If you are under 10K followers it would be a good idea to talk to our team at HighKey Clout for social media growth opportunities.


Instagram TV was launched in June 2018 and the addition of long-format videos shows the power that video marketing has on the platform. These videos can go for about 10 minutes and big accounts can post videos as long as 60 minutes. So far, it’s popularity hasn’t really reached the heights that former CEO Kevin Systrom originally envisioned. He saw IGTV rivaling YouTube. While it’s not as popular as the powers-that-be have hoped, resources are still being pumped into getting people on board, so creating content for IGTV is worth the time.

Another major benefit to IGTVs’ is the ability to post the main feed preview, which means the first 20 seconds of the IGTV are featured on the main feed of your Instagram page. This goes into some advanced social media techniques because a lot of advanced formatting is needed to make the video native to each section it’s being posted on.

4. Instagram Reels

Instagram Reels was launched in September 2020 and is the newest addition to the platform. Instagram launched this platform for videos under 30 seconds to compete with the viral social media platform Tik Tok. You have to take into massive consideration that whenever Instagram releases a new platform like this, they like to heavily push the natural engagement for the first few months after the release.

5. Instagram Live Videos

The popularity of live videos skyrocketed during the Covid-19 pandemic when everyone was in lockdown. DJs took to playing sets from home, with thousands of people joining in. Celebrities called each other or hosted podcasts and followers could jump in on the discussion. Tory Lanez created “Quarantine Radio” that received a consistent 200K live viewers for an entire 2 month period. Takashi 6ixnine came out of jail and broke the record for the most live viewers at 2 Million people at once!!! There is ample potential for connection and conversions in live videos, so it’s well worth the initial nerves.

Part of our strategy with Instagram video marketing is to cultivate a visual brand identity. The videos we work on will always have the brand’s logo visible somewhere, the subtitle colors align with the brand’s overall look and feel, and the beginning and end of the videos have the same introduction graphics and music. This cohesiveness helps customers become familiar with the business and so that eventually, they’ll be able to just hear the music or see the logo and immediately know the businesses’ names.

The types of Videos that are often Watched

There’s a helpful formula to what people like watching on Instagram, and these kinds of videos are fun to make, have ample space to be more personable, allows for product marketing without being too in-your-face about it, and gives you room to get creative.

How-to videos. A how-to video can be used in so many different niches – from cooking, doing makeup, and fitness and yoga videos, to how to use certain power tools, DIY chores around the house, and even how to use social media.

Informative videos. Many of our clients work in the real estate industry, stocks, Ecom, or other businesses – we do too! There are two factors to running an account that has a main business outside of the social media sphere. Firstly, you’re still doing the legwork and finding out relevant information, watching the ups and downs of your industry, and buying, selling, or marketing. Secondly, you’re taking what you’ve learned – mistakes and all – and bringing your lessons to people via social media. This is where educational videos are great – it can be about real estate, the latest medical technology, the latest health discovery, or an update on financial markets. Any industry can take on some educational format, which makes for great video content.

Brand videos. We know that videos with people talking and looking at the camera get more views and interactions. If you’re working on your personal brand, then using your platform to tell your story via video is a fun, easy way to convey your brand identity and connect with your followers. You can use this video to give tips, talk about your product or service, and introduce yourself and your business.

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