HighKey Agency is one of the fastest-growing social media management companies in North America. In a few years, it’s generated millions in revenue, helped build 100’s top brands, and has extended its repertoire to include all the branding services a budding entrepreneur would need. What exactly does the company offer? How do these services differ from the competition?

HighKey Agency’s first indication that competition is just a concept is mirrored by the founders, brothers Luke and Jordan Lintz. They’ve always maintained that they don’t have any competition. “There is no such thing as the exact same two personal brands. If you’re able to stay consistent and are willing to invest your time and resources into your personal brand and create your own brand variation of leaders in your space, you will be bound for success in the long term.”, says CEO Luke Lintz. HighKey Agency’s focus isn’t on what the competition is doing. Their game plan is to innovate and create within their own space.

The “Where Are We Going?” Talk That Kicked Things Off

From the moment the social media company was started, Jordan and Luke sat down and outlined their game plan and goals for the company. They made sure that their visions aligned and that they were both willing to put in the work and hours. It’s this communication that carved out their niche. HighKey Agency’s focus is on building professional and personal brands for high-level clients.

Dentists, doctors, real-estate moguls, investors, and other professionals have a lot on their plate. They already have their day-to-day careers to commit to. Yet, if you want to have a successful practice and business, you have to get on to social media marketing. This marketing takes up a big chunk of time and working professionals just don’t have the bandwidth for this. It’s in this space that Jordan and Luke step in and present HighKey Agency’s full-service management for social media and press. In their first meeting, they knew that they wanted to work with clients who were passionate about what they did, who had a long-term goal plan, and who were willing to trust their guidance.

Popular TV personality, Clayton Morris, was one of the people to use HighKey Agencies full-service packages, and his Instagram following grew by nearly 17,000 followers in just one month. Luke credits a lot of this to the company’s strongest service offers, Instagram management, and press.

What Do Clients Get With Instagram?

HighKey’s Instagram management starts with brand buildout. A key piece of advice that Luke gives to anyone starting out in business is to create your look and feel. “Hire a graphic designer on Fiverr or Upwork and ask them to make social media banners, Instagram highlights covers, and graphics for your Instagram and LinkedIn profile.” The agency echoes this step with clients by creating custom designs and a brand outline if it hasn’t already been done.

The next step is creating quality content. These can be used in your feed or in one of Instagram’s newest features – the IG Reel. At every step, there’s a seasoned professional doing their part in the work process. Scheduling and posting are done by social media managers who know the best times to post. Video editing and effects are put together by experienced editors, captions are written by hired writers, and the social media managers monitor the post’s effectiveness.

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What Do You Get With LinkedIn?

When Jordan and Luke were discussing their company’s initial goals, they knew they wanted to work with high-level professionals. This meant cracking the LinkedIn nut. In some areas, LinkedIn is largely overlooked in favor of more traditional social media channels like Instagram and Twitter. However, for career-driven go-getters, LinkedIn is the place to be.

LinkedIn is a whole different ball game and audience, so the brand strategy has to adapt to this. HighKey Agency uses an outbound messaging strategy that targets untapped markets and brings in qualified leads based on the brand’s ideal target demographic. These strategies are developed by marketing experts with years of experience.

Credibility on LinkedIn comes in the form of thoughtful, engaging discussions. To facilitate these discussions, long-form articles have been shown to do well. Using old blog articles, client questionnaires, and previous videos, these articles are always written with the brand’s voice in mind. The connection and rapport from these pieces is an ideal springboard to credibility and authority. The full-service package includes custom-made, creatively edited videos that are formatted for LinkedIn.

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What Do You Get With Press?

One of the perks of working with high-level clients is that their careers already lend them a certain credibility. These are people who have already established themselves as prolific entrepreneurs, and this is where Press comes in.

Everyone wants to know how they did it. How did someone go from living in their car to owning a six-figure company? How did they go from high school dropout to making $25k for a speaking engagement? People want to hear these stories and HighKey Agency provides the platform to get the stories out into the world while promoting the brand.

The full-service package takes care of the writing, editing, outreach, pitching, and publishing. If someone has been successful with their business and overcome challenges, reputable publications like Entrepreneur and Forbes want to hear about it. These articles rank at the top of Google search results. The authority on Google increases and in turn so does the potential for verification across all social media platforms.

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HighKey Uses Innovative and Creative Problem Solving

There are ample services that offer paid followers and engagement, and this would be an easy way to do things. HighKey’s vision is completely different and based on customized problem-solving. Ricky Carruth, a successful real estate investor approached HighKey Agency with a problem. In 2018, he noticed his social media following growing, but he didn’t have enough time to produce the kind of quality content he wanted to put out. With more than 20 years in the business, he knows the markets, what to do, and how to spot trends. All he needed help with was getting his knowledge out there. HighKey Agency stepped in and started creating content for his social media, which allowed him to focus on his brand. He’s now got more than 250k followers on Instagram and his consistent content pulls in thousands of views.

A Social Media Management Agency to Watch

There are several services that can help build brand awareness, but at the moment, Instagram’s sales, LinkedIn’s credibility, and the Press’ authority are unmatched. Hitting this trifecta early on in the game gave HighKey Agency a headstart on any potential competition. And since Jordan and Luke are focused on moving full steam ahead not thinking about competition, the space for creativity and innovation expands. HighKey Agency is just getting started. Watch this space.