Co-founders of HighKey Agency Inc Luke and Jordan Lintz are masters of social media marketing and have used giveaways from some of North America’s biggest stars to shine a light on their budding business through effective branding and one-of-a-kind giveaways.

High Quality from HighKey Agency Inc.

HighKey Agency Inc. is a social media marketing agency that specializes in building brand image and increasing celebrities, influencers, and entrepreneur’s following on social media. The company was founded by the family. Brothers Jordan and Luke Lintz created their first eCommerce business in 2016 and after consistent success, the wizkids dived head deep into the world of entrepreneurism.

Joining forces with digital media master Trent Huss and business mentor Stefan Aarino, the four sketched out a specific path for their business together. Unfortunately, after a long battle with cancer Stefan Aarino passed away on May 6th, 2020, but the work and the spiritual impact he left with HighKey Agency will live on forever.

“Stefan’s passing is one of the hardest things I have gone through. Stefan was much more than a business partner to me; He was also a good friend and my greatest mentor. I plan on doing everything in my power to make Stefan’s legacy prosper,” says Luke.

Each partner brings a skill to the table making HighKey a versatile social media branding agency.

As CEO Luke brings business theory and knowledge to the table, CMO Jordan provides invaluable marketing skills and communication abilities and COO Huss contributes some of the best video and editing skills in North America. Collaborating with high profile celebrities like Logan and Jake Paul, DaBaby, and Lil Yachty, HighKey has gained more than 350,000 followers on their Instagram account using clout giveaways.

Clout, Cash and Credit

In the dawn of a new online revolution, the Lintz brothers have found a way to cash in on social media. Clout giveaways are a way for influencers, celebrities, and entrepreneurs to organically grow their social media following while avoiding Instagram’s biggest problem.

The draw for clients is the word “organic.”

Social media is rapidly developing and instead of getting left in the dust, influencers often turn to fake followers to keep them relevant. Users can pay hackers to create an unlimited number of fake accounts called “bots,” and according to a report by cybersecurity firm Cheq, the rise in fake Instagram followers cost brands upward of $1.3 billion dollars in sales in 2019. Users can buy an unlimited amount of bots for a very cheap price across many different forums. Search “buy Instagram followers,” on Google and the results will never end.

HighKey offers a safe and real solution with a wholesome ending — someone is winning free prizes.

To weed out potential bots, clout giveaways require users to complete a list of tasks before they can be entered in the draw. Among these directions is a mandatory instruction to follow HighKey Agency’s Instagram account as well as all the people the account follows.

Users can pay to be a part of the list of accounts in the instructions and in the process gain thousands of instant and real followers. The clients receive more followers; HighKey gains new paying clients and some lucky followers win a pair of HighKey headphones or $15,000 cash —everyone wins.

Social Media Makeover

HighKey provides brands with multiple options on how to optimize their online image. Social media branding is a broad term but part of HighKey’s mission is to focus on the specifics. They offer digital content creation such as professional photography, videography, and video editing as well as a personal content plan to post new and improved content for a larger demographic to see.

“There isn’t a single service that we offer to our clients that we don’t use for our own brands. To have an amazing business you have to be the #1 client of your services,”
~says Luke.

As the HighKey Agency Inc. grows to new heights, Luke, Jordan, and Huss continue to find innovative ways to help budding businesses grow big-time. To learn more about HighKey Agency Inc. follow them on Instagram. Who knows — you could be the next giveaway winner.

Highkey Agency is currently working with Highkey Clients

Highkey is helping clients achieve what they have been dreaming of for years and even decades! Working with celebrities from Kevin Hart to Jake Paul Building almost any Instagram from tens of thousands to hundreds of thousands if the consumer prefers. The CEOs of the business; Luke Lintz (@lukelintz), and Jordan Lintz (@jordanlintz) have also made a larger income than most 20year olds by selling high-quality top-notch wireless headphones. They found their niche in life and with their talents are giving back to people and businesses that want to grow and be seen by the world. So far in 2020, there’s a huge opportunity in our pocket every day; a cell phone that has internet and apps.

They found a way to have multi-millions of followers (AKA social media) audience in your pocket throughout the day to post to and help attract people to your page or pages by hooking up their clients with collaborations through the agency to give away $10k-$15k on average to follow all the people who buy-in. Also with new giveaways the usually give roughly 10 pairs of free high-quality wireless headphones as well with no purchase necessary. Gaining attraction to online business pages is key to having a healthy and successful business in 2020 with many 5 star testimonials including the owners themselves, you can trust Highkey agency to grow your outreach, and rest easy in their quality content. To purchase the best high-quality wireless headphones checkout @highkeyco, and the best part is they are waterproof!

“A major problem with business owners is the inadequacy of their online brand presence not even matching their level of success in the real world. We live in a digital age and business owners have to start taking this very seriously because you are either going to live as a brand or die a commodity,” Luke Lintz, CEO of HighKey Agency Inc. If you would like to see what Highkey can do for you growing your Instagram or personal brand then see for yourself and keep up to date on all current giveaways by clicking the links below:

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