After spending the last few years growing their first business, HighKey Technology, and their second business, HighKey Agency, Jordan Lintz and Luke Lintz, founders of HighKey Enterprises, are taking what they’ve learned and using those lessons to grow their individual brands. Whether you already have a social media presence with your business or if you’re just starting out, opening two Instagram accounts – one for your business brand and one for your personal brand – is one of the best marketing moves you can make.

With a new account, it might be tempting to fast-track the growth and buy followers or overwhelm your feed with content. Luke estimates that for genuine growth, with real, engaged followers and consistent, quality posts, it will take about 12-18 months to grow your account. You’re in it for the long game. The return on investment, however, is priceless.

What are the types of Instagram Growth Services?

  1. These days, an Instagram growth service mostly refers to a third-party program that you connect to your Instagram account. You pay a subscription-based or once-off fee and then select the services that you’d like to use. These can include automatically following accounts in your niche, auto liking and commenting on posts in your niche, targeting certain accounts with your content, and sending automatic direct messages. But, as of July 2020, these automated 3rd party tools have been completely banned off of Instagrams platform.
  2. Social media management agencies can also be considered an Instagram growth service, as their goal is to increase your followers and engagement. However, the focus is on creating quality content that will attract followers and then keep those followers by building a relationship with them and  by posting consistently.
  3. Then there are specific growth agencies like Highkey Clout that specialize solely in the growth of your social media platforms. The founders Jordan and Luke Lintz found a massive disconnect in the marketplace as social platforms started banning pretty much all forms of natural growth and 3rd party services. This is where the HighKey Clout celebrity giveaway model came from! Using a cash and prize incentive to grow engagement and to bring followers to a list of giveaway sponsors.

Below are some other Do’s and Don’ts of Growing Your Account


  • Become one of the HighKey Clout’s giveaway sponsors  HERE.
  • You need high-quality social media banners and a high-quality profile picture! It shows people that you’re serious, professional, and conveys your brand aesthetic. You can hire someone on Fiverr or Upwork. Highlight covers and graphics for your Instagram profile help too.
  • Plan your weekly content upload. Look at the ideal times to upload – our research shows that lunchtime and in the evening after work usually do the best with engagement. In your upload plan, include relevant hashtags you think you should use, your captions, and where your content will go – stories? Feed? IGTV?
  • There’s no better way to grow your account than to like and comment regularly on posts from accounts similar to yours. The more people see your name pop up, the more intrigued they’ll become and they’ll go check out your account. Every time you genuinely engage, you leave a little trace that goes back to your account.
  • Run micro giveaways on your account. Give your followers the incentive of potentially winning your product or service, while you are able to explain your product or service at the same time!


  • What are your goals for your account? If it’s to build a brand and make money, then using an engagement bot will ruin that. Brands want to work with people who have authentic followers. They’ll avoid your account if your numbers don’t match up. Ever see someone with 20k followers and 50 likes on an image? Yeah, that doesn’t make sense.
  • Don’t post every picture you like or post substandard images just to have something to put up. Irrelevant posts often lead to losing more followers than gaining, so when you’re about to post, look at your picture from the perspective of a scroller – will it jump out at them enough to pause, like, and comment?
  • Follow and then unfollow accounts, it’s shady and reminiscent of bot behavior. People will eventually notice and you’ll end up spending a lot of time and energy on something that isn’t worth it in the long.