It’s no secret the world is evolving faster than ever before.

Social media marketing has influenced the way entrepreneurs, celebrities and influencers control the narrative about their business or persona. HighKey Agency, a Canadian owned Instagram marketing agency, is a rising powerhouse in the online branding industry and has proven to be innovative when it comes to new ways to grow their clients’ audience.

Creating HighKey Clout

Brothers Luke and Jordan Litnz started their first business in 2016 selling consumer electronics through eCommerce to build their skills as entrepreneurs and establish a base source of funds for future investments. After connecting with business partners Trent Huss and Stefan Aarino, HighKey began the process of transforming from a consumer goods business to becoming one of North America’s fastest-growing social media agencies.

Unfortunately, on May 6, 2020, Aarino succumbed to cancer after a tentious 3-year battle.

“Stefan’s passing is one of the hardest things I have gone through. Stefan was much more than a business partner to me; He was also a good friend and my greatest mentor. I plan on doing everything in my power to make Stefan’s legacy prosper,” says Luke.

While HighKey has to proceed without their beloved business partner and mentor, Aarino’s business models and knowledge live on through the success of the young business.

HighKey continues to innovate in creating new online strategies but they say their success comes from the ability to focus on being the best clout management agency they can be.

Kings of Clout

Clout is a synonym for “eyes.”

HighKey has a diverse list of services but they all revolve around bringing more attention to a business or personal brand.

In less than a month, HighKey was able to grow real estate mogul and tv personality Clayton Morris’ social media following on Instagram by close to 17,000 followers.

“We have consistently delivered the best results for our clients on Instagram and publications,” says Luke. “Our team provides other services to develop an elite personal brand but our strongest services have always been Instagram and press.”

Using giveaways, press articles, and multimedia content, HighKey has turned clout into currency.

Factors of Attraction

HighKey Clout is a niche brand with a lot of options — that’s two things that rarely pair together.

The majority of their customers are personal brands.

“A personal brand if not already, will become the most valuable asset of any business owner,” says Luke.

In a time where brands’ image and ethics factor into the growth of a company, many business owners will allocate a large portion of their budget to market research, and public relations management — HighKey offers both.

With access to posting options in large and recognizable platforms like Forbes and the CNBC, HighKey can offer its clients the correct demographic and control over posting schedules.

“Never in history has it been easier to refer to yourself as a business,” says Luke.

Giveaways Gain Credibility

Jordan and Luke are networkers. At the young age of 23 and 20 respectfully, the brothers own a six-figure business, operate one of the largest clout management agencies in North America, and are innovating in the world of Instagram marketing.

One of the ways they rose to success was through the gift of giving.

HighKey Clout works with high-status celebrities like Trippie Redd, Dababy, and Rich The Kid to host giveaways for pairs of HighKey headphones, iPhones and cold-hard-cash.

Users have to follow instructions leading them to follow the accounts the HighKey agency follows in order to be entered into the draw. Influencers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities looking to boost their following pay to be a part of the instructions and gain thousands of followers in the process.

Holding almost half a million followers on each of their pages, Jordan and Luke’s first customers were themselves.

“There isn’t a single service we offer to our clients that we don’t use for our own brands,” says Luke.

HighKey Agency plans to expand its clout marketing agency to new heights as they master the secrets of SEO and Instagram marketing.

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