Canada’s newest powerhouse brother duo are putting their family stamp on social media marketing through their budding agency, HighKey Inc. Jordan and Luke Litnz learned how to capitalize on social media and aspiring influencers’ need for a larger follower count and turn it into a business.

Brother and Business Partners

Jordan, 23, and Luke, 20, started their first business together in 2016 with the creation of HighKey Technology, an eCommerce business selling electronic goods.

“After we established a sizable following it seemed inevitable that other small businesses and even established companies would start to reach out to us and ask for services,” says Luke.

The two teamed up with digital media creator and now COO Trent Huss, and mentor and real estate mogul Stefan Aarino and the four expanded the eCommerce business to new heights. Unfortunately, Stefan passed away on 6th, 2020 from a long battle with lung cancer, but the work and the spiritual impact he left with HighKey Agency will live on forever.

“Stefan’s passing is one of the hardest things I have gone through. Stefan was much more than a business partner to me; He was also a good friend and my greatest mentor. I plan on doing everything in my power to make Stefan’s legacy prosper,” says Luke, CEO of HighKey Agency Inc.

HighKey Agency is an online personal branding company. Over the years, they expanded a diverse resume of services such as online personal branding, social media management, and press article packages. The first year in business was a year that the partners took very seriously in strategizing the exact services that they wanted to offer.

We are definitely not direct advertisers. We don’t do direct advertising,” says Luke. “Our team plays to our strengths and our accomplishments, which is creating high-level brands.”

What it Takes to Reach Social Media Stardom

“in order to create an elite personal or company brand you need to have an elite social media presence and an elite Google presence,” says Luke.

They say a social media presence of this caliber is created with brand consistency across all social media channels, professional multimedia content, a content plan, and social media growth.

“To create an elite Google presence it’s all about having an amazing website and high-level article publications on platforms like Forbes, Entrepreneur, CNBC,” says Luke.

Prospective influencers and entrepreneurs can pay businesses to post articles as long as they have a moderate following. These are all services that we offer to our clients. When it comes to social media marketing, Jordan and Luke’s first customer was themselves.

“There isn’t a single service that we offer to our clients that we don’t use for our own brands,” says Luke.

For the HighKey Agency partners, the old school process of trial and error was the reason for their success.

“Give the absolute most value to your customer and they will stay with you for life,” Luke says when asked what his motto is. “I look at every business deal as a relationship and knowing that I’m going to be in business for 40+ years, the short term really doesn’t matter.”

Celebrity Clout Giveaway

Celebrity campaigns are one of the main ways the boys have increased their own personal following and replicated it for their own clients. HighKey Instagram growth agency requires fans to interact with several Instagram accounts in order to be eligible for the giveaway. Clients can buy those spots in return for cash. Spots can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $15,000 a giveaway.

Superstars like Kevin Hart, DaBaby, and Rich The Kid feature the giveaways on their Instagram channel and the star power is what drives users to participate. Although the giveaways are one tactic used by HighKey, press releases have become their new focus.

“We have been consistently delivering the best results for our clients on Instagram and publications. Our team provides other services to develop an elite personal brand but our strongest services have always been Instagram and press,” says Luke.

Along with the giveaways and press releases, the social media agency still sells electronic goods.