Top 5 ways to create ENGAGING Instagram Video and Picture Content for your Business

Today, more than ever, businesses and people are putting out mass amounts of content on to Social Media. Certainly, this content includes a mix of, writing, photos, and videos. Which means, as a business and/or organization, it’s crucial that you implement a strategy that ensures your content STICKS OUT!

We have put together a list of the top 5 strategies you can implement on your social media posts: 

  1. USE Subtitles:
  • Most Instagram users do not even watch the videos on their feed with the sound on. By having your videos subtitled you can keep your audience engaged for longer.
  • Tip: Use smart color choices with creative animations for your subtitles. These little aspects of a video can bring your piece of content to life, resulting in higher engagement.

2. Fast Cuts or Flashy scenes

  • It’s important that your video content provides either value in the form of entertainment, information or both. Typically videos that do both see the best success at keeping engagement rates high because they are giving the most value to their audience. 
  • Tip: To accomplish this, you can take a piece of content with a lot of information and make it entertaining with tailored cutscenes or by having it blended in with the content at the point of creation (ie: script, video props etc).

3. Create a smart and engaging CAPTION  

  • Don’t forget that when making one Instagram video post you get to publish two forms of content. A written and a video piece. Our best suggestions for captions include:
    • Firstly, getting your audience to engage on your post by asking them a question or asking them to comment on something that relates to the piece of content you just posted.
    • Secondly, using Emojis strategically and neatly.
    • Thirdly, staying aware of the “cut off” portion for “view more”, you want your initial caption questions or statement to be visible entirely before the viewer has to click “view more”.

4. Sound effects

  • With the right sound effects, you can capture and engage the viewer’s sense of hearing as well. Repeating similar effects over the span of your content can create a familiarity effect amongst your viewers meaning that they will spend more time watching your video!

5. Cover photo

  • This is probably the most overlooked aspect of Instagram Video Content. The cover photo is what initially captures the viewer’s attention and is in front of the viewer’s eyes for about 3 seconds total before the video even starts.
  • Furthermore, by using a cover photo that you know your viewers will resonate with, you can ensure that your content gets as much engagement and impressions as possible. With that being said, some examples of good cover photos can be found below:

In conclusion, Video content is one of the most versatile and profitable digital marketing tools at your disposal, by ensuring that your posts are capturing and engaging you can stand out in the sea of content present on the users feed and capture the attention of your prospects and potential leads!