BitClout Management Package


Welcome to the HighKey BitClout management package! This package includes full management of your account. This includes creatives, posting and more!

The HighKey team started managing celebrities on BitClout within the first month of it launching! To name a few big ones, Bella Thorne (@bellathorne), Antonio Brown (@ab84) and Tyga (@tyga) are all under the management of HighKey.

We have a full team ready to get behind your BitClout account to post, engage and overall grow your brand on


Below is what you can expect from the HighKey team running your BitClout account.

  • Coming up with creatives for posts
  • Re-purposing content from other socials
  • Posting on a daily basis or more
  • Responding to comments
  • Doing things for your top coin holders
  • Create and manage your NFT('s) for BitClout
  • BitClout strategy sessions with the HighKey team


#1 - Fully decentralized

BitClout is a fully decentralized social media platform (the FIRST of its kind). This means that all the code and transactions that take place on  the platform is open to the entire world to view. This means you don’t have to worry about something happening to your account because no one owns the platform. It also provides better growth potential because anyone in the world can help work on building and leveling upgrading the current platform



BitClout is the first Social Media platform that puts monetary value on its users, commonly known as creator coins. Everyone with an account has a creator coin and is open for investments! This is the first social media that has integrated cryptocurrency into the mix and it has big opportunity to scale. You can go on right now and invest into your favorite creators or celebrities and watch them and your investment grow

#3 - Blockchain technology

BitClout has the potential to be the biggest Social Media platform out there, because of the Blockchain technology it uses. BitClout’s Blockchain technology removes middle men, increases trust, helps with transparency, secures transactions and overall allows the platform more opportunity to scale. This is because everyone has the opportunity to grow the platform instead of a certain group of people deciding what to change.

What is HighKey’s Process of  Managing YOU on BitClout?


#1. Meet the Team!

Meet the team that will be behind all your BitClout activity.

We have a large team of BitClout managers ready to help with your journey on BitClout.


#2. Developing a Strategy for Your BitClout Account

Strategy session with our team figuring out the best way to run your BitClout account effectively.

Ex: How often should we be posting? What content would you like us to post?



#3. Log in to Your Account

Our team will login to your account and start the management process.

At this point we are basically ready to moon!


#4. Start Posting, Engaging and Making Content

Now that we are logged in we can start posting consistently and engaging with your audience.

We make great creatives/memes, but we can also take content from your other social channels!


#5. Monthly/Weekly Updates

We will provide updates on the growth of your BitClout account and how we can make your creator coin even better on the platform.

These updates can be as frequent as you would like.


#6. Sit Back and Watch Your BitClout go to the Moon!

You are all set to officially moon with the HighKey team on

FYI – “Moon” is a popular term used to signify fast growth of something.

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