The Benefits of Working with a Clout Management Agency
Post By: Saqib Javaid

What is a Clout Management Agency?

In social media terms, clout equates to the amount of pull or influence someone has. It isn’t all about followers though. Instagram’s algorithms, and therefore brands and businesses, also look at things like how much interest and interaction a post or influencer has. When a brand is mentioned, do people like, comment, and buy? Or do they scroll past and go about their feed without a second thought?

If the interaction and engagement is apparent, then the account has clout. In the world of social media, clout is like gold currency. It can be used to leverage additional partnerships, promote other brands, promote the user’s personal brands, and even develop a relationship with followers. In the long-term, this relationship is priceless. Some people – and companies – have perfected using their current clout (management agency) to speed up their growth and get organic users to follow and interact with each other.

HighKey Clout is one such company, and it was started on the back of a snowball process of success. The idea was to develop a partnership with a big name account, primarily on Instagram, and work with them to post a cash prize giveaway. The giveaways are real and the lives of the winners are forever changed – from paying off student loans and going to college, to getting their cars or houses fixed up – giveaway winners have put the funds to good use.

Social Media Marketing Vs. Clout Management

The two terms are actually interchangeable as they both have the same goal: to grow and develop brands with unique, interactive followers. However, where social media marketing focuses on a more holistic, subtle, and long-term growth orientated method, clout management takes on a more powerful, immediate tactic to accelerate organic growth.

Having a company that focuses on social media marketing and clout management, but keeping the two entities separate, is the perfect business model. Each time a giveaway takes place, HighKey Clout’s influence increases. It’s a clear example of the success of the giveaway model, which HighKey can then use as an additional marketing strategy for their clients who are looking to grow their social media following.

Using Clout Management to Reach Your Goal

Whatever industry you’re in, there’s a bottom-line, non-negotiable step to every potential success: ensuring that your goals have been adequately established. Managing your influence and trying to grow it is no different.

In some cases, you can run the numbers and calculate exactly what you’d be getting out of it. However, when you’re looking for longevity, it’s important to keep in mind that your return on investment isn’t immediate, nor is it in the form of money.

Another mistake is only having a follower count goal. Your brand is far more powerful when you’re attracting users that are willing to talk to you. While it’s rewarding to see your follower count increase, taking the time to get to them and adjusting your target audience will keep them around.

Giveaways are the First Step, Now You’ve Got to Cultivate It

Once your account explodes with all your new followers, you have to whip up every piece of creative content, innovation, and brand building idea you can find in that mind of yours and keep them engaged.

A top tactic that our clients use is doing micro giveaways on their own page afterward. These micro giveaways are small giveaways just for your own Instagram page, with either a cash, product or service incentive. The goal from these micro (instagram ) giveaways is to showcase to your new audience exactly what you do while giving the immediate value of a giveaway.


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